Cat’s Cradle: Time’s Crucible- Part II

The Doctor dismisses Ace; Ace makes her way in the big city.

Ah, I knew there was an illusory bit in this one!

Using Ace’s friends is a wise decision. Given that we have a bunch of Gallifreyan characters with space names, it’s fortunate that we’ve met Midge and Shreela before, and have heard of Audrey and Manisha. Like Ace, this gives us a chance to orient ourselves in this strange world, but I’m glad we get into the city pretty quickly.

I do wonder what Ace’s relationship with her father is like. We learn that he used to send postcards, so presumably he lives or works overseas. Did Audrey follow in her mother’s footsteps and marry a sailor? Although Ace resents both of her parents for the name Dorothy, she may hold more affection for her father than her mother. Perhaps this hurts Audrey, leading to a loop of resentment?

Shonnzi, I’m presuming, is the pilot, and I had remembered that he was wearing the Doctor’s hat. Are his flashes of irritability a sign that the Doctor is inside of him? I can’t remember whether that’s true at all!  However, the word ‘Wilby’ is floating to the surface

The Chronauts/Phazels are a bit generic at this point. The notion that they’re losing their memories and thus their sense of self is interesting, but it rather harks back to the Kirithons of Apocalypse. I’m intrigued by their not being Time Lords, but I’ve yet to be convinced to care about these characters.

I’m hoping Vael’s collaboration gets a bit more depth. Doctor Who loves having clever characters joining the wrong side (Adric, anyone?), but I don’t see what’s in it for Vael. Does he get extra rations in exchange for being superior to his old crew and terrorised by the Process? Is he simply fuelled by his sense of arrogance and ego? Is he just faking it til he makes it, hence his fear of the hand of fate ‘finding him out’?

I have a feeling that a lot more questions are going to arise before too many are answered…

Cat’s Cradle: Time’s Crucible– Chapters 6-10


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